Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I did this weekend!

Hey everyone! I think I'm back to a great start! hehe

This weekend was very busy but chill to say the least.

Joe recently got a ticket for speeding so we had to take a trip to Lexington, VA to go to court. It's about four hours away so I decided to get a room for the night and make a trip out of it! It was a great experience... and a lesson learned... to never visit that area again. LOL They didn't even have a movie theater. We made the best of it by eating dinner, going into the jacuzzi at the hotel and watching some movies. 

Skyping with my baby 

 Our view from the hotel 

On our way home we stopped at a viewing site 

 BTW there was this movie that we got from the redbox that was awesome! It's called Trance. I also got a few codes to get a movie free for the night in the redbox. try them out !

Soooo Then we came home the next day, picked up my baby

We went to my cousins house to go fishing. Josiah had already been to their pier but hadn't been fishing. Earlier this month my mom bought him a fishing pole. A cheap one that doesn't work at all but he was fine pretending he knew what he was doing !

 It was hectic trying to fish wit three kids on that little pier so I decided to not fish that night =(  hopefully soon though I can get a date in with Joe. I haven't been fishing in so long!

Because I missed two days the week before I told my boss to add my week paid vacation to this check. I didn't want to be over taxed so I decided to take Saturday off too. I didn't do much but go to the beach with my baby and some family...

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