Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Elf on the Shelf ; Day 1

Hey everyone, how ya'll doin today?!?

My day could have been better but I did run a lot of errands
& cooked something I had been craving for about a week now! 
I'm tired and exhausted but very excited to tell you about our new 
friend in the house!! 

His name is Thomas 
... Thomas Bynom. LOL Josiah couldn't have any more NOT interested in this elf. 
but he did name him... it took him a while but I finally got a name.

I would have just called him damn Rock star or something. I guess Thomas 
doesn't sound too bad. 

So anyways, while we were outside putting up the hanging lights on
the house  ( or really my mom was)  He wanted to help  & well....

you see how that turned out! 

This is only day ONE!!! Stay tuned!!! 

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