Friday, January 17, 2014

OK so what I ate a hot pocket..

So let's talk about being on a diet.

I am NOT and never will be on a diet ever again! simple as that. I see food, and I eat it ..

All or most of my friends are always saying "ohh I'm fat" blah blah blah shut up! 
don't you realize your weight is very well proportioned for your head size!!
yes I said it.... (you all know I love you)
I'm really kidding because as much as I don't want to admit it... I say that too.

Of course like most people... I usually eat late at night. 
especially sipping down some of this...

Leads to this.... at 3 A.M.
Being German has it's perks, because let's face it.. I love schnitzel!  Please don't tell me you've never tried it! I think I could possibly live off of it, it's so good.. especially with fries! If you said you'd never had it before.. please come to my house! LOL

it's always a good time going out to dinner. I love FOOD! Plaza is where me and my friends always go for dinner and drinks. Margaritas on the rocks are my favorite. I mean fajitas are my favorite. haha

If we don't go out me and the bestie KIM cook at home... We always have a FEAST!
 As you can see here. This is how we do, every time!

When me and Joe go out to dinner.. It's always a great meal. I love it. When I first met Joe we went out like literally every night it stopped until recently... he must be trying to get me fat. We usually try to pick restaurants that we've never been to and try different things. BUT I usually would get this...

Last year was when I really started to try to new foods as far as cooking them myself. Especially when I knew I could right out every detail in this blog here! I made this, and I call it Christin Alla LOL you can check out how I made it HERE or SEE them all HERE 

Also last year on this date, I started going back to working out..I will go back to working out next week... But I won't be all caught up in "going every day" or nothin crazy like that. 
Compliments to my lovely mom for taking these pictures for me..

One real big thing ... don't get me started.... is not eating...
girl go head! How do you go all day long
or even 8 hours (like some of the girls I know)
with out eating a damn thing! Is this real life right now?
I can't go 30 minutes without having something in my mouth.....

and I mean food! nasty people..

no but seriously.. that is no diet, don't you know
that not eating is worse than eating!
I was always told that you shouldn't starve yourself
to lose weight... read up on it.

Yep, so what.... 

I eat what I want and still stay fly! 
Have a great Friday yall! 
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