Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two more weeks til V-Day

So I had a lot of posts lined up for Valentine's day last year, but this year... I'm just blahhhhhh LOL No really, I have none. With everything going on in my real life.. I just haven't had the time or motive to write anything. 

 Here are last year's post ..

Manicures & Extra Sprinkles..Please! Valentine's Day Pinterest

Manicures & Extra Sprinkles..Please! Valentine's Day Ideas

And Can't forget my 2013 Valentine's Day Mani =)

I still have two weeks to post so it's not that bad. I want to make so many things but with a budget, it's pretty hard! I will have to come to a compromise and still make a few of the things I have found... I will share them later this week!! 

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