Thursday, March 19, 2015

Josiah update!

Well I don't want my baby to feel left out when he finds out that I blog in a couple years ( If I can make it that long LOL) So I am going to start doing an update for him!!!

5 years old
52 lbs

He still has some eczema problems but not as bad as when he was a baby. The spot is usually on his arm in between the crease of his elbow.
He is potty trained. has been since he was like 3. 
He is in size 6t-7t.
Size 1 shoe and now actually getting too small I am starting to buy size 2!

I have a picky eater! I blame this part on us because we started spoiling him. 
We are really trying hard right now to get him to eat healthier. He does good some days and others it's a struggle. If it were up to him he would eat pancakes and sausage everyday all day. lol

We co-sleep still. WELL actually he does sleep in his own bed until about 2 or 4 am then he crawls into someone else's bed. whether it is mine or his grandma's. Because the babies arrival, I don't really want to force it on him real fast..Hopefully he will grow out of this soon. He is a bed hog. This is why Amiliana will be in her own bed VERY soon! 

Everyday is a constant struggle from eating, to learning to bed time. 
I think of everyday as a milestone for Josiah. He is getting better at everything but like I said some days are better then others.
He can count to 100 and can even count in 5's.
He is in Speech therapy again (he took it last year)

Disney Infinity (or any xbox game)
watching youtube (on how to play the video games)
Pancakes & Sausage. 
Bath time


Bed time

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