Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Morning everyone! I have been one busy momma! I swear I've been to the doctor like 5 times this week... no lie. one kid is sick and then the other. oohhh Life of a mother of two. The joys ;) 

Besides them both being sick I have been sewing up a storm! I'm hoping to have a new "sewing tab" at least by the end of April. 

The Nectar Collective

Last week's Wishes;

1. DO (ONE) SAINT PATRICK'S DAY CRAFT - So I got him to do DIY Slime ... but couldn't get him to do a St Patricks day craft! .... maybe Easter?
2. START WORKING OUT AT HOME - I said I was going to start working out after 4 weeks of having baby girl and here it is, 3 months later! I went ahead and got a membership. I didn't want to but I loved classes that I took. I love Zumba and I can't wait to try more! 
3. PACK FOR MY VACATIONI got every packed the day before and it all fit in two bags!! 
4. POSTING AT LEAST ONE BLOG POST - This wasn't even on my mind on my vacation. sorry not sorry. lol
5. FIND A BATHING SUIT THAT FITS  - I did find one that fits, not how I want it but It's a high waist ed and it covered what it needed to cover LOL 

This week's Wishes;

1. START GOING TO THE GYM AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK - need to lose at LEAST the 20 pounds I've gained since being pregnant. 
2. START SEWING AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK - I've got to get better some how!! I also want to start a new tab for my sewing. I hope to one day be good enough to make her clothes. I just can't deal with how cute she will be in my little dresses!!!! 
teething rings and wash clothes
 baby bibs - which don't fit her anymore BTW lol
 Teething rings and wash clothes - made for some friends that just had baby boys 
Bandana Bibs

3. CALL MY LAWYER - Can you believe it's been a year and a half since my accident? AND I'm still trying to get a settlement. I bet that man just thinks he got away with it scotch free! All I know is I better get a check before Oct 14th 2015!!!! 
4. BLOG AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK - this should be easy considering this is one post HAHAA. I should have this goal as actually LINKing up .... I tend to never do that part.
5. PACK FOR TRIP ON THURSDAY - I am taking another trip (this time with the kids ^_^ ) to Tennessee this week! 

I have a busy busy week! I have an Easter Egg hunt to go to, since we won't be here for Easter, I still want to do something with Josiah around here. I work every morning til I leave. I planned to have Eater pictures taken by a friend, on the nicest day this week. Let's pray it really is nice! That same night I'm having a dinner date with another friend that is leaving VA. Then I leave on Thursday for my trip to Tenn.

I have a few blog posts planned, and I hope I can get them out. Seeing as I'm so busy I'm going to just have to find the time. I'm still apart of that #TeamNoSleep no doubt.

Have a great week!

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