Friday, August 4, 2017

DIY Scratch Off Cards

So I've been trying to make these for a while now and I finally got around it. These are perfect for your business or for any occasion!  I may possibly make some for my kids to scratch off when they do chores around the house!! 

To make your own scratch off cards you’ll need:

Dish soap (any brand should do, I’m using Dawn)
Acrylic paint (buy similar here)

Candle (wax)
Paint brush

First you'll need to prepare your mixture, two parts acrylic paint to one part dish soap.

Grab your Card Stock and rub your candle on the card where you’re wanting to put the scratch off area on – making sure to cover the whole area you want painted over.

Now it's time to paint. Use thin, even layers. Don’t worry if you can still see through it after the first coat, it will take two coats to get it all covered. After they are dry your done! 

Paint one more layer
then viola !