Friday, August 25, 2017

One Day Trips ; New York & D.C.

Last week I celebrated the BIG 3-0! I had taken a couple days off of work to celebrate because my family was in town. Little did I know, I had another surprise coming that Friday evening when I got off of work. My sister from Oregon came to visit me for a few days! I haven't seen her since I was probably about 16 years old. In this post I'll go into a few details about my recommendations for one day travels to New York & D.C.

Being the spontaneous person that I am, I planned a two-day trip to New York & D.C. I was Facebook Live most of the day for New York, so please don't mind the crappy shaky pictures! I had so much fun, we road on top of the bus called "TopView". We thought that we were getting ripped off so I took a picture of the guy who sold us the tickets. HA! We got a tour of the city and a boat ride around the Statue of Liberty cruising through New York Harbor for only $60 a person!!

We could have gotten off and on the bus as much as we liked but even the first bus took forever to get to us(which is why we thought we were getting ripped off), so we didn't risk it in case we missed the boat ride. If you're going to take a ONE day trip I say wake up very early or.......    just don't go to sleep- in the city that never sleeps.

So back to our tour - When we got off the boat, which was about a 2 hour trip, we were so hungry and we also had to get some souvenirs. One thing I will tell you, is if your in any new place and you HAVE the money, don't be that stingy and buy the sweater that you want. I regret it so much not buying a $30 hoodie which I live in a hoodie anyways, it would have been worth it! So anyways,  WE THOUGHT we had to be back at the bus by 6PM before the tour ended, but I am JUST NOW realizing that we had the 24 hour tour. I don't just blame myself but I blame them for not realizing that then either. ha! You have to stop and get pizza in New York so we stopped at a pizza joint. I can't remember the name but wow it was amazing. As we headed back to the bus station and almost got lost listening to a man who was trying to help us. He was also trying to get some change for the help as well ::shoulder shrugs:: Luckily my sister figured it out and we were just in time for the bus to pick us up around 8pm. And we said goodbye to the City of New York.

Here are some pictures of that trip...

 Our View from the Hotel in NJ
 Outback steakhouse was close by and we just decided to eat there.
 On the bus, on the way to N.Y.

 It was so fast !

 This gentlemen giving us ponchos, because of course it would rain on our one day in New York.

On our way to the Hotel in D.C. (well out of the way) we stopped at Biggie's house and my sister has those pictures. It was so crazy and busy even at 9pm. Streets were so little and packed. Got lost on the way to the D.C. hotel and took about 10 tolls. I should have gotten the EZ Pass way back when but NO, we probably paid about $100 in tolls this entire trip =\ My tip is to have an EZ Pass!!!

And now our day trip to D.C.   - I have been here numerous times but my sister hadn't so I don't have as many pictures on this day but plenty of us ;) The only tip I really have for D.C. is to find free parking! Right along the street of Pennsylvania Ave, there are plenty of parking and cars usually leave while your driving up or down.

We visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. That was a very sad place. I would recommend everyone visiting D.C. to check it out. It is very touching and you learn so much from the experience.

Hope you enjoyed following me!