Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I'm getting ready for Fall!

One thing I have to mention before I start this post is that I hope everyone is safe during Hurricane season. You are all in my thoughts and I pray that Virginia is never majorly effected like Texas was this past month. Prayers for Puerto Rico right now! As we speak they are having power outages and it's getting real. 

So, I don't know about you but I have been over the 90 degree weather here in Virginia. Luckily this year it hasn't been as bad. I know it's ONLY September but I just want to bundle up next the fire and toast some marshmallows! & I know the kids can't wait for it either.  

Now here are 5 ways I'm getting ready for Fall:

ONE ; Making my Fall Bucket List! I made one years ago but this year with two kids and working full time, times have changed. I can't wait to print this years bucket list, add it to the fridge and actually do it! 

100 Ideas for Your Fall Bucket List ~ Creative Family Fun

TWO ; Decorating!! I don't have this entry table, so I'll have to find another place for all my fall goodies to go this year.

THREE ; Making a center piece with wine bottles like this design. 

FOUR ; Toasting Marshmallows. I've never had them with ROLOS! 

FIVE ; Making a monogram wreath. 

Fall Wreath with polka dot monogram. Easy easy easy wreath!

How are you getting ready for fall?