Monday, December 31, 2012

It is Monday Isn't it?!

 .It is Monday Isn't it?! It doesn't really feel like a Monday but it is! Happy New Year's Yall!!  So it's that time again but instead of doing the usual 5 for Five, this week it's our 5goals for 2013!

These lovely ladies
Jenn @ Party of One 
are hosting a New Year's Eve edition of their link up!
but first here is a quick look at last weeks 5forFIVE goals:
1. Workout at Least 3 times!
fail! I did jog twice but no full work outs

2. Send out all 'Nail Mail' &/ Presents

3. Set a Budget Plan
LOL, I didn't even bother. It was my lazy weekend!

4. Go grocery shopping with my cut out coupons !
another fail!

5. Clean my Room! 
most of my polish and all my clothes WERE put away until I had laundry done hahahahah

OK so I haven't done much of my goals that I posted, but I went to work, had a lazy weekend, chilled with family<3 and paid my bills! I did do something!
alright - 2013!!!!
I am determined to do this this week! anyone have a good website preference?
I know its so cliche so have this goal but I am determined!! I have to!
YES I know it's possibly the worst habit I could possibly have! and I am determined to quit! Even if I have to pay to take medications LOL I have to quit for my health, and most def. for my son!
In my situation It's kind of hard to do this..the job part.. but I can't move out OR save money without getting a raise or finding a better job. So I need to go to school and get started with the "process"
currently my car is broke down across the street. I am using my Stepdad's car ... THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY!.. until I get a new car. But as the process goes, I can't get a new car without saving money which goes back to going to school and getting a better job!

I could name a few a lot more but these are my MAIN ones that I can think of right now. lol
& since I have your attention I wanted to tell you a little bit about things going on at home, Josiah my (just turned) three year old, has just got off the pacifier ! So during the middle of the night he wakes up and starts screaming. He lays down - puts his finger in his mouth and goes right back to sleep! Does anyone have any advice on this situation?! FINGER SUCKING?!? I admit I might have taken the pacifier away too quick.. BUT it was time!!! Who can agree?! He already is so spoiled, with sleeping with me or my mom, still getting his hot cup of milk in the morning and at night, and always, I MEAN ALWAYS leaving the store with something in his hand.... (well that only happens with nana) But anywho... What is some of your advice for spoiled 3 yr olds trantrums and all that good stuff? recommend any goods bloggers?

p.s. you have to head on OVER to Shane @ Whispering Sweet Nothings
This blog post is a must see on New Year's Resolutions, Why we fail? && What we need to do to succeed them!

& another linky!!!

thank you for reading and hope to hear from you lovelies

<3 Christin
Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

I'm your newest NB follower from the Let's get social hop. btw--I don't even bother to set resolutions. :)

Cherished Handmade Treasures

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Aww, best wishes on your goals for 2013! I definitely want to set a budget plan, too. Something's gotta give, our finances have been out of control the past year!

Anyway, Happy new Year! :)

Jenn @ Party of One said...

Good luck on your goals for the year ahead! I know, I know, I KNOW you can do it!!! I really need to work on my budget this year- too much frivolous spending happened in 2012. I want to get a good hold on my credit cards and savings!You have some other great goals, too!

I know that you can do it! Thanks for linking up with us!

Unknown said...

Hi follower her! I feel you on #3. I am (was) a social smoker. I have been cigarette free for 11 days (on day 12 now). I've been wanting to quit for a long long time. I went home for Christmas and got sick with an upper respiratory infection. I feel like it's from sneaking those cigarettes at work out in the cold. So, I am going with it and detirmined to not smoke again. YOU CAN DO IT!


Love Christin said...

Thank you! Same to you!

Love Christin said...

Yes I am hoping this is the year! Thank you for reading =) and thank you for your words of encouragement! Hope to hear from you again <3 Christin