Friday, April 25, 2014

Spoiled by grandma

Ever since Josiah was little I always assumed he would have "ADHD" because he is very rambunctious and energetic, to say the least. Although I don't have written confirmation from a doctor, his doctor at his two year old check up, thought so too. She said that I should put him on medication. Is that right? I'm not giving my two year old medication that will make him a zombie! 

He is 4 now. I still can't tell whether it would be ADHD, ADD or maybe just spoiled?  It could very well be all three! He typically doesn't forget things, but he does get distracted VERY easily, especially when the topic at hand is not something he wants to discuss. But what four year old doesn't?! 
Funny Mom Ecard: Mom, I'm sorry for everything I did as a kid. Will you PLEASE take off the curse that my kids are going to be 10x worse than me?!

He most often tells me that he doesn't love me. (Actually any one) This is when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, or if I don't buy him that toy he wanted in the store. Is that not crazy?! I'm trying to teach him that you can't always get what you want. 

Being spoiled definitely controls his actions. He gets very angry when he doesn't get his way. I blame it on his grandma. 


..straight like that..

When she comes back from any store, she has something for him. Now every time we're in a store, he expects someone to buy him something! That is when he gets really mad.

He tells us all the time, he doesn't act like that when he is in school. He once before back when he started school that he hated Ms Buchanan (his pre-school teacher). I'm sure it was because she MADE him listen. She tells me here and there that he "acts up" sometimes but for the most part.. he doesn't now. If I could get just that structure here at home, we would be OK!!! Damn Grandma's. I only hope for Josiah's sake, that he will be soon old enough to realize that only grandma can be manipulated and not every one in this world. And pray that that will calm him down.

I always thought that I had ADHD. I mean, in school I couldn't concentrate for nothin and never could keep still. I still to this day shake my leg while sitting down for a long period time or even just 15 minutes. My mind also wanders off. So I just took this test -

Serious ADHD Likely!

I guess they told me!! HA! I just wish I could get Josiah to answer these type of questions and get inside his head!

Is there even a such thing as ADHD? I mean really?! I want to say he is just a typical four year being spoiled by grandma. Wouldn't you agree? Or maybe he does have it 
 Grandma, I got you this so you can get me what I really want this Christmas

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