Monday, April 21, 2014

The Weekend Shenanigans

Easter Sunday

Last week's goals; GET MY CAR CLEANED - I washed it but I didn't get it detailed!
2. WORK OUT - I do consider chasing after Josiah a workout but, I won't include that in this weeks goals haha
3. DON'T EAT OUT ALL WEEK - yeah I ate out about three times.
4. CLEAN MY ROOM - I didn't clean but I put my clothes away!
5. GET GIVEAWAY TOGETHER FOR MY SWAPPERS! -   I did send out emails. AND unfortunately not one person replied. LOL go figure -_-

1. GET MY CAR DETAILED - I could do this my self but I'm too lazy for details.
2. START TAKING NICE LONG WALKS/LIGHT JOG - Since my knee has been hurting I can do this or MAYBE ride the bike with Josiah!
4. BUY A VAPOR CIG (e-cig)

So I have decided to quit smoking. It's taking everything in me to stop. It's so hard and I'm at day four, where my throat is actually starting to hurt =( 
I may buy a vapor cig, any suggestions? That would be for my social outings with friends and my will power sucks, I'll have that instead of smoking one of theirs.. 

I have been procrastinating about cutting my hair! BUT I am so doing it this week! A long bob. For sure. Pray I don't look fat.. LOL 

Mani Monday 
Julep - Tatum
I don't normally wear these bright colors on my fingers but since I did it and I don't have nail polish remover, I will probably keep this on all week ;)

This weekend I...... 

Went to the circus!
(Our first time ever)

& Egg hunt!

I made these in ten minutes, Easy fast and FUN

He knew it was paper so I had to tell him I caught the
 bunny for the footprint to show him. -_-

The Broke Easter Bunny

 BTW it was my idea to not put candy in the eggs LOL 

How was your Easter weekend?!

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!