Friday, February 20, 2015

Amiliana ; 2 Months

8 Weeks/2 months ; 02.17.15
11lbs 10 oz
23 inches

Baby acne had disappeared for a while and has come back.
She now has cradle cap & eczema :( Were using Vaseline until I can get my hands on Coconut Oil 
Still wearing a few newborn pieces but for the most part in 0-3 months but they are still too big..
She is still in size 1 diapers, they are also a little big but newborns are too tight.
 I will be doing cloth diapers as soon as I get money to finish my pile! (b/c I don't want to do laundry every day)

We had to start on formula at 6 weeks. She is still getting use to the formula and not being nursed so she basically eats when she wants and how ever much she wants. That could be 3oz and two hours later she will eat 1oz then 3 hours later another 2oz. For the most part during the day she eats 3oz every two hours and around 10pm-6 am she has probably 2 more bottles.

We are still co-sleeping, because she was sick and coughing at night. I will be doing the transition from co-sleeping around 4 months when I get back from my trip. 
She takes multiple 5 minute to hour naps during the day and is sleeping about 4 hours during the night in two intervals. She is always swaddled so she doesn't startle herself awake. I love my swaddler/burp clothes by Aden & Anais. They are huge and work for a tight swaddle and even a loose swaddle.

Smiling & laughing at things
Her vision is definitely here
Let's us know when she wants to be left alone! (whining)
She has found out how to reach and grab!
I discovered a tooth so she has been putting her whole hand in her mouth, but the tooth went back in. I'm still sure she is teething

I'm in the process of making teething rings! 

Bath time
Her Swing
She loves her hand!
Baby T.V. (til she falls asleep)
She looooves looking at the fan & pictures on the wall! 

Cold wipes

We've been baby wearing and she actually loves this one! I've had it with Josiah but never really used it. It's been in the attic until now! 

She is attempting to hold her own bottle already! 

She also is trying to sit up!!! I told her to stop growing already! LOL

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