Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The weekend I stopped breastfeeding

I've been feeling guilty lately.

I stopped breastfeeding this past weekend.

My baby is 6 weeks and has gas and poop build up in her stomach. And is congested really bad!!

We went to the emergency room twice! The first night was Wednesday. We were on our way to TN for a surprise trip and she kept on choking like she wouldn't swallow her own spit. She was diagnosed with congestion.

The next night we took her back in because she started crying while feeding around 3pm and hadn't stopped for about 30 minutes. She literally screamed bloody mary. We knew something was wrong so we went back in. She screamed until about 7pm. I couldn't believe it. I tried everything to calm her down. It hurt me to see her like that.

The doctor had xrays done and he saw the poop and gas back up. She was diagnosed then, with abdominal colic and they basically said it was something I was eating. Once my SO and mother heard that, they immediately in so little words said they didn't want to BF anymore.

The emergency room doctor told us to follow up with her pediatrician, so we did. The next day her pediatrician saw her and diagnosed her with a double ear infection!!!


I always thought being breastfed, she wouldn't get sick. The pediatrician said her immunity would come from me, and if my immune system was weak, she wasn't getting the right immunity.

Although I felt guilt for stopping, she has pooped everyday since being put on formula.. That makes me feel better! 

[see how happy she is]

And I can't help to feel better not sitting on the couch all day, and being able to eat and drink anything I want! Is that a bad mother?  No. It's life. I'm proud of myself for breastfeeding that long and in those short 6 weeks, I bonded with my baby girl.

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