Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Easy DIY Sash for any occasion!!

I had to make a sash last week and I am very proud about how it came out!! 

What You'll Need ; 

Fabric (about 2 yards of 3" wide)
Iron-On Letters
Sewing Machine 
Scissors or/and rotary cutter, pins, ruler

I started with an old sash, If you don't have one, the length was about 2 yards and 3 inches thick. (enough to fit the iron-on letters) I traced the sash and doubled my fabric, then cut it out. *I have also seen ribbon being used too*

This is what the old sash looked like. 

My two layers of fabric 

Tracing both ends and making the whole thing about 3 inches wide for the iron-on letters to fit properly. 

Cut out on the lines.

After cutting it out, I sewed the two pieces right sides together at the very top. NOW it will start looking like a real sash! 

Next I turned it back to the stitch was on the inside not showing.  Iron on the letters that you want, using the instructions of the Iron-On letters.

I used BRIDE.

Now pin, tie it up or you can even sew the bottom together and you have finished your project!! 

.......please excuse my nails :|  


Now enjoy your night ladies!!! 

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