Friday, June 12, 2015

Have a DIY Bachelorette Party !

About two weekends ago I hosted a Bachelorette party. I had some idea in this post on how to host a Frugal Bachelorette Party, and I used some of the ideas for the one I just hosted!!

First you have to have these bad boys! They work so well the day after, like a charm! 

I made these DIY "Oh SH*T" kits after seeing a bunch online. Of course it depends on how many people you are hosting for. I made about 10 of these so the cost was about $8 for all 10. I went to the Dollar Tree or Walmart for everything. You can see how I made these Hangover Kits here

NEXT; I went on pinterest to use free printables for this project, all I had to do was print, cut, and tape!! I already had the card stock from the latest project.

Next is the sash! 

I made this sash from fabric I had at home. I bought the Iron-on letters from Walmart on sale for about $3! 

All I had to do was use an old birthday sash and cut the fabric at the same length, iron on the letter and then pin the bottom together!! Simple, easy and still cute!  You can find the DIY sash for any occasion HERE

Next; I went to the store and I bought some "naughty" things like penis ring pops. I used them as decorations in my cupcakes! Of course the cupcakes had to have sprinkles on them! they wouldn't  have been complete. 

Next is the tiara! I cold have left it alone, but It had to have the veil, right?! I bought some tulle from the Dollar Tree (and the tiara) tied it to the top like you would a tutu and voula! Next to the you have the light up wedding ring for the bride-to-be in a cupcake as well! 

After it was all set up and the balloons were filled... I wrote on some of them, Also drew some naughty things on others!! HA (not pictured) I bought the balloons from the Dollar Tree as well. 


Of course I would have added games and other things but time got ahead of me and didn't realize how much time I didn't have until it was party time! lol 

We had a blast! (even though the wind and our hair didn't mix very well that night) I love these girls! 

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