Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Last week's goals;

1. WORK OUT 2X - Maybe if I don't put it as one of my goals, I would actually go! 
2. MAKE 31 PACKETS TO HAND OUT - I'm going to have to get better at this. I feel like I'm not working my business! Does anyone have their own business? How do you market?! 
3. FINISH PLANNING AND BLOG POSTS FOR BACHELORETTE PARTY - It was a success! She didn't get to stay out past 10 and I spent waaaay too much money (using my credit card) But I had fun =)

4. GO TO BUSCH GARDENS - I did yesterday and I had a blast, even rode the new roller coaster. AND Josiah rode a lot of things with me I couldn't believe it! 
5. PLANT TOMATOES! - I've had a busy week and Sunday I just wanted to relax! And that's what I did!

This week's goals;

1. PLANT TOMATOES/ GARDEN 2X - I need to start getting out there every week and picking weeds, if I don't they grow back like to where my garden look like regular grass!! 
2. DON'T SPEND ANY EXTRA MONEY! - only bills obviously. I need to stop using my credit card, I'm about to hide it. 
3. BUY THE VAPOR - Yes I'm going to take the plunge! at least if I don't like it maybe I can try to re-sell it for a little bit of my money back. 
4. WORK 31 AT LEAST 2X THIS WEEK-  It's a new month and a new special. Maybe I can sell this one!
5. GET FATHER'S DAY HAT DONE - I'm off on Sunday maybe that's when I'll be able to make it. I will probably be able to cut it out tonight. 

It's already going to be a busy week. what are your goals?

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