Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Oh, How Pinteresting - Thanksgiving style with FREE Printable!

Today I'm going to share with you all some of my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving and also I have a free printable to take!!

I use to link up with the Vintage Apple a couple years back, and she has gone missing in the blogging world. SO! I want to continue to use this and run with it. Want to link up? Add that button on your side bar and put your link in the linky! 

Sometimes I love cooking. Most of the time I don't. I love Pinterest because it's so easy to search exactly what you are looking for in a recipe. 

So since Thanksgiving is coming up I'm going to share a few recipes for the best meal ever, Pinterest style and at the end I'll share my newest shopping list!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or Christmas this year?  Set your holiday table with a gorgeous, flavorful turkey in just three easy steps. I'll show you how to make a brine for your turkey, which is the secret to getting a moist, juicy and flavorful bird every time!

We're going to start off with the turkey, because this is a staple in our house! She gives you three easy steps to follow to get your turkey nice and moist! 

Brown Butter Garlic Honey Roasted Carrots – the best roasted carrots ever with lots of garlic, brown butter and honey. SO good |

Next are the sides. I just starting making these glazed carrots last year and let me tell you, if you haven't added it. TRY IT NOW! 

Look no further for the best creamy cheesy green bean casserole! Only a few simple ingredients, canned green beans, and a few minutes prep is all you need for the best green bean casserole. No creamed soup and no mushrooms. This recipe is a must have side

I've never made my green beans like this, in fact, I don't make them at all. This is what my mom makes and hers are to a perfection! 

If you're looking for a recipe like grandma used to make, this is it! Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese will bring back memories!

This is my favorite part of the entire meal. The Mac N Cheese. If you're not making this then you have lost your mind!  (Unless for health reasons, then I still love you LOL) She almost makes hers like mine except I add a little secret ingredient to mine. It's called Sugar baby. 

If you need a good recipe for Thanksgiving you will want this on the table!! The World's BEST mashed potatoes EVER!

Just in case you don't have enough starch at your table, add the mashed taters!! 

Southern Collard Greens Recipe

We have to have our greens every year. I love the way my mom makes these too (I told you I don't really like cooking HA!) They are never salty and always taste amazing! Shout out to momma ! 

Homemade sweet potato pie! Made with dark brown sugar, 2 sweet potatoes, and cinnamon spice. Thanksgiving pie recipe on

I'm not really a pie person, but this does sound good. Since everyone in the house loves pies, I told myself I would make one from scratch this year! I may or may not blog about that Recipe fail. 

These Mini Pecan Pies are easy to make and can also be made ahead of time. These are the perfect mini treat for Thanksgiving too!

These are adorable, so why not?!?!

And now the dreaded part of the best meal ever is shopping. I swear we go to the grocery store about 5 times before we actually eat the meal. This year we won't with my new printable, it has made grocery shopping easy! Grab it here -