Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pincodes for Pinterest Business

Today I'm going to talk to you a little about an awesome feature on Pinterest that not many other people know about, Pincodes.

I actually just learned this myself at Cinchare's CinchSummit #Cinchsocials19 at Harboy Stay! (if you don't know what Cinchshare is, you can read my blog post on 5 Top Tools for Your Direct Sales Business) I couldn't wait to share it here with my readers!

Alright, so first I'm going to tell you why you're going to fall in love with this new feature! This takes your branding to another level.

Putting pincodes everywhere is huge way to take your business/brand to another level. By adding this to your event table or even your business packaging. This will allow people find your brand and or business based on things that they see offline. Once they scan your pincode, it will direct them to your profile to see all of your content! You can direct to either your Pinterest account or even just one certain board.

Let's say you have a board just for the items you are selling at this event. Print the pincode out for them to scan and it will direct them to your online products! How awesome is that?! Imagine the possibilities of using Pinterest to your advantage!

When you come across a Pincode, all you have to do is:

1. Open the Pinterest app on your phone
2. Tap your Pinterest camera -next to the Search bar
3. Point your phone at the Pincode to instantly access Pins, boards and other ideas on Pinterest. (you don't even have to take a picture )

You can even use Pincodes to follow your friends and family on Pinterest. Tap your profile picture in the Pinterest app on your phone to pull up your own personal Pincode, then have a friend or family member scan it with the Pinterest camera.

You can create a Pincode for your profile today, and keep your Pinterest app handy and your eyes peeled for Pincodes to scan out in the world.

Here's how you create a pincode :

1. Open up your Pinterest app or visit the site on desktop. Find the board or profile you want to feature in your Pincode.
2. For profile Pincodes, just tap on your profile image, and you’ll see the code pop up. For board Pincodes, tap on the board share button and tap the "Pincode" button to generate your code.
3. Save the Pincode to your camera roll or computer.

Here is mine!

Now let's see yours!

Speaking of Pinterest and all it's good things, I'm going to start my weekly "oh how Pinteresting" Link Up again and I'd love for you to join! If you don't know how it works check it out here.