Monday, October 23, 2017

5 Top Tools for Your Direct Sales Business

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I've been in direct sales for about 3 years now, so I figured I'd share my everyday business tools with you! There are plenty of resources out here to market your Direct Sales businesses but these are just five that make my life so much easier.

I'm going to be starting a new series here at Love, Christin. #MonSlay! I will share some tips for your Direct Sales business. I won't over do it, maybe once a month I'll have a post up for you. My goal is to save you time and headache with some things I've learned in my years as a Direct Sales Boss.


This application is only a one time charge of $3.99. THE BEST $3.99 SPENT! I use this for mostly every graphic that I make. You can crop each image as needed for different social media needs. Even a Facebook cover ya'll, brilliant! Turn your words into a beautiful image that you can brand yourself with! Everything in the picture below is from WordSwag. The background, quote and watermark!

I also just discovered Canva. Y'ALL GAME CHANGER! Between words swag and Canva, my life is complete!

Social Media  

You've already got all the accounts you need, why not make them work for you! Just like I have a blog Facebook page, to share my links, I have a Facebook page for both of my businesses. Did you know you can have multiple Instagram accounts?! Leave it to me just realize this after 5 years of changing my account name about a billion times. Anyways, Using these social media accounts to interact with your customers and followers will help them get to know you. The online version of you! Hashtags are a very good way to get your name out there to the entire world. I suggest using hashtags on every platform of social media. #momprenuer #bagsbychristin #lipsandbags #monslay #igdaily #igers #twitterdaily

which brings my to my next resource...


I LOVE CinchShare! I actually have been using this for about two years now. You can pay the yearly subscription fee of only $100, or each month for $10 AND now they offer a FREE basic plan!. You can schedule as many posts as you'd like and for how ever many parties you have going on. You can even download the app on your smartphone and schedule posts for Instagram! This makes your life so much easier especially when you have a full time job, two kids and TWO direct selling companies to work on. Posting has never been simpler. CinchShare shares all of the how-to's on posting, whether it's to Instagram, Twitter, PINTEREST your next Facebook event or your personal Facebook page.

Want to try "CinchShare PRO" risk-free for 2 weeks?
After the trial period: Keep all your features for $10/month or $100/year OR Remain on the Basic Free Plan!!

They are even offering my readers a promotional code { CSfree to use during your account signup.  It will grant you an additional 30 days free trial, in addition to the standard 7 days free trial that all new customers enjoy, for a total of..

A Goal Setting Planner

Goal setting is very important and I love to write things down! If you want to slay your goal, you need to check out this planner! NOW 60+ plus pages of worthy information, how-to's and goal busting lists to get you Slaying those Goals!! This in-depth planner works for you. Weekly to-do lists are my go to when working my businesses.

A Good Camera

I have struggled with this for so long. I had a Canon, and sold it because it became a hassle to take pictures, upload them, download to this website that could possibly break down in two weeks, open up my laptop, use this and that app. I stopped all the madness and made things very simple. I used my phone. That's right... right now I use my mom's iPhone 8+. Yes, every time I see my mom, I take all of my pictures that I can think of. The point here, is to have good images. If you don't have time - there are other great resources to buy images, like a friend of mine, She even shares some freebies when you sign up for her email subscription!

The best part about all of these products is not only can you use these for your Direct Sales company, but you can use them for your blog too!

What do you use in your direct sales business, I'd love to here!