Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Christin's Fall Collage

I pinned and used the a collage from Antsi-Pants a couple years ago for my entry-way. This time I used this picture as inspiration to create my own collage of words for the first time! I have always wanted to make one and I found the perfect app to do so.

I just can't wait to get a picture frame and share with you all! 

You can download it here.

I really love everything on here, I mean I couldn't resist the leggings and sweaters! I like Apple Cider to an extent but it's a staple for fall, so I added it! I have a love hate relationship with Candy Corn. I have to be in the mood or desperate to eat it LOL! I really enjoyed creating this, it took a lot of time and effort so please if you use it, link it back to me. I'd love you long time!! 

Look forward to more coming for different times of the year!
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