Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY $2 Jute Vase

I got everything from the dollar tree! I already had the hot glue gun so this project in total cost me around $2. Even cheaper if you use a vase you already have. AND the best part is - it's perfect for fall or any nautical themed decoration!

Happy Fall Ya'll!! I knew it wouldn't be long before the cold air hits us here in Virginia. It's finally starting to feel like fall.

What you'll need:

Hot Glue Gun

Start from the top by placing some hot glue and wrap your vase with the jute. You'll have to use the hot glue gun often to keep the jute in place. You don't have to cover the whole vase with glue but it was especially necessary to use it when the vase curved inward.

Using a thicker jute will help the process go by faster but I didn't want to fork out the 4 extra dollars. =P This worked just fine and I love how it turned out!