Monday, February 18, 2013

5 for FIVE {Weekend Re-cap}

goals for last week ; 
1. SET A BUDGET PLAN - I found a few websites to help. not sure if it will because I am just stubborn & I love to shop. I did set a budget let's see if my first week will go as planned
2. CANCEL ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS - well considering that I got a letter in the mail from my bank saying they are cutting my old bank card off and sending a new one, all of my subscriptions will be cancelled lol
3. GET ALL MY LEGAL STUFF SITUATED - it's getting there I finally paid off my fines... now it's just the car interlock that is in the way I start my ASAP classes this week, and boy why am I nervous to be around other people that also got a DUI... oh because I'm not an alcoholic smh
4. GET VALENTINES DAY OVER WITH - it did get done, we just went for dinner. simple & expensive.
5. START WORKING OUT - i worked out a little bit, I had to really push myself. i really want to fit into some clothes! i have to keep it up.

5 FOR FIVE , how bout them apples

goals for this week ; 

1. STICK TO MY BUDGET - unless something comes up lol which would be my luck.
2. WORKING OUT AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK- I'm putting this back up here because I have told my mom and boyfriend to really PUSH ME to work out again.... consistently I mean!
3. GET MAIL OUT - I got my taxes so now it's time to send out mail that needed to be sent out
4. NOT SPEND ANY EXTRA MONEY - I've been really bad at this lately. I have a little extra money in my pocket so i spend it.. not good at all!
5. START PAYING OFF MY CREDIT CARDS -  I only have two now and they only have a little balance... so this can't be too hard. i'm hoping my next goals after paying them off is cutting them up! LOL

 this weekend i......

Arts and Crafts for Valentine's Day
 my car said Happy Valentine's Day
 Cupid Swap Box- from

 simple nails for Valentine's Day

 this was the walk to the restuarant on valentine's day -_-
 our appetizer YUM blooming onion and of course a drink ;)
 this was the Porthouse T-bone steak
 too much for me to eat!

 Joe trying to "capture the moment" of me cutting into my giant steak.

goofy boy!
  me and Josiah V-day =)
 Friday Morning, getting my interlock installed in my car.
 Saturday lunch, Steak and Eggs from Ihop before work
Joe picked out my outfit & took my picture lol

It was snowing feathers while I was driving to work, it didn't stick
 THANK GOODNESS for heated seats!
My Birchbox

1// Thursday was Valentine's Day, I was off and spent much of the day at home doing activities with Josiah and the daycare kids. Me and Joe went out to an expensive dinner.  

2// got my box from my CUPID SWAP, she sent me a Lovely Arden B. bangle and a $10 gift card to Starbucks! & lots of candy!

3// Friday I went to get my interlock changed over from my step dad's car into my brand new car. I really didn't want to, not because i want to drink and drive -_- but because I'm the unluckiest person in the world and just my luck this man will install it wrong and fuck everything up in my brand new car. & he did confirm it was his first installation in a Chevy Cruz. Yeah that means when i get it uninstalled in two months (thank GOD i only have that much left) he will surely screw up. After that I went to work got off early and passed out.  

4// Saturday Joe, Josiah and I went to run some errands, I tried returning those pants I can't fit, but i ended up not returning them and buying my son a shirt. So it's confirmed i have to lose fit those DAMN PANTS  

 5// Sunday I was suppose to have off but someone messed up there schedule and so I went in for them. Before that Joe and I went to the movies to see Parker. If you haven't seen it... go! it's actually really good! around 5 I came into the hotel had dinner with Joe and by that I mean I ordered pizza from a restaurant that gives the front desk 50% off LOL  and I have to to work again at 7AM then again tomorrow night at 11PM ... to say the least, I'm pretty exhausted... 

6// My birchbox came and it was def better then last month! I always can use more nail polish!! they must really know me haha I also love juicy =) I always wanted to use a headband, now I get to try one. it isn't a color i would have preferred but oh well....NOW I really cant wait to try the thickening hair spray. I've never tried or even heard of this "Ojon" brand before now. Anybody else tried it? 


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Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Those funny face photos are adorable, so cute! I'm terrible at sticking to a budget too, why is it when you try and cut back you always see the most wonderful things? xo