Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. Best Valentines Day you’ve ever had  - this year, that's mainly becuz I don't really remember any other ones in particular LOL the steak was so goooood.

2. Worst Valentines Day you’ve ever had - Probably the one, were I got broken up with like two days before... even though it happens a lot. it's still a bummer to be broken up with the day before any Holiday... not just V-day!

3. What did you do for Valentines this year? - Went on a date Joe. Just something simple, money is tight and materialistic things don't matter to us. It was more like a Congratulations to us both, me for getting a new car, and him for getting his GED. (I'm so proud!)

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single - this is simple. Get together with your other single girlfriends and plan something... more then likely with some chocolate and alcohol & GET CHOCOLATE WASTED!

5. Favorite Valentines Candy? - I would have to say, those cute little heart candy that have the sayings on them.. =)

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood - Getting valentine's from my classmates ! It was like a secret game everyone played... Everyone would try to get the most valentines. I even knew some who sent them to themselves LOL  wasn't me

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