Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself...

H to the izO  V tothe izA
no I'm just kiddin, 
but who doesn't love Jay Z?! =)

HEY Y'ALL! ... I see a lot of new faces to my blog & I can't tell you how effin glad I am to have you here with me!!!! I read your blogs when I get a chance (mostly when I am at work) and can honestly say I feel like I'm getting closer to you every day & I love that! 

Let me take a minute to re-Introduce myself. (Speaking of ....I don't really think I have given a proper introduction! ) in the words of my son "OH WELL!" Here it is! 

My name is Christin (chris- teen) a nickname given to me was teen. since I was a young brat gettin detention in middle school my stepfather & friends, gave me this name.. A leo (August 13th)... I was born in Germany, but no I don't speak German.. I only know the bad I'm an army brat, still livin' with my parents in Virginia. My Son is 3 years old, Josiah. He is VERY rambunctious, & I am constantly having to chase after him. Most of the time with my camera (being my iPhone6plus) in-hand trying to get pictures every chance I get. Trying being the key word. I do not claim to be a photographer, although when I was younger I always wanted to be one (and many more things) I also have a daughter named Amiliana. I call her my sour patch child. 

I am a mother, daughter, sister, a girlfriend who is very grateful for everyone that I have in my life! I sometimes say bad words..I just recently started cussing in front of my mom! lol I am shy,  and I'm blunt(contradicting huh), shy until you get to know me, then I can be loud and maybe at times annoying because most of the time I tell you like it is!!! I repeat myself a lot. I love giving.... I AM WAY TOO NICE. Easily annoyed, but VERY nice. for the most part.

I don't always put a period at the end of my sentences....or dot my i's. Grammar/English has never been my best subject! I probably capitalize my words or use these ( ) too much. most of the time, I'm just rambling like I am now and not even remember where I started my conversation...maybe that's the true blonde coming out of me...idk who

I'm addicted to nail polish, Pepsi max, social media, money, & a lot of other random things! I am not in school, yet. I work full time at a hotel, front desk...which will hopefully change to the office soon. I am an impulsive shopper... My kids are my world and I love them so much!!

I just started blogging about a month ago. I don't know yet if I am even good at this whole blogging thing but hopefully by reading so many great ones, I can learn to be a better writer of my thoughts...cuz lets face it when these thoughts are in my head,its like a ruff draft--and tryin to type them is a lot harder then one might think. lol

 If you haven't noticed yet my blog is about any and everything, whatever I fancy that day.. I go through my emails, find great deals for you and me. I show you my manicures (whenever I feel like paintin em). I also show you whats goin on in my crazy house (especially with a 3 year old) can be pretty damn wild.

What brought me to the blog world, you ask? or maybe you didn't, but I'll tell you anyways... INSTAGRAM... I am very close to being addicted to it. I have almost 2,000 followers & I do random nail art contests and giveaways. I am just that nice. I was going to do a blog on just my manicures, until I found the perfect name and slogan for it.. and I don't really do nail art anymore, just painting lol I absolutely love it...don't you?  I hope to continue meeting great people, maybe even meet up with some of you lovely ladies one day.

 thank you for reading about me!
 If your new leave a comment with your blog and I'll be sure to check it out! 

P.S. for all you newbie bloggers, I found a blog that really helped with things i didn't know at all how to do! Whitney @ Sippy cups and Pearls has this blog post just for "newbies" CHECK IT OUT!!! 

P.S.S. Be sure to Sponsor me! Swapping available too!! 
Unknown said...

Hey there..cute blog:) I love nail polish too and I wish to learn some tricks from you then:)

Got you through the Aloha blog link up! Stay in touch!
Best, Zia