Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July CAKE!

The fourth is almost here. What deserts are you making? Well I made a cake I saw off of pinterest! It was last minute, and very time consuming lol You can see the original cake recipe HERE @

Get your ingredients together
You have three layers of cake.. Keep one layer white but by using food coloring, dye one layer blue, and one red. The three layers are suppose to be leveled but not this cake!
I simply used the directions on the box to make the cake. I do not ave the patience or time to make it from scratch --Maybe another time. lol  After baking, use a knife to slice the red and white layers horizontally in half. So you have a blue layer, two red layers, and two white layers. You'll need to set one white and one red layer aside, those will be the bottom two stripes of the flag.. Of course I didn't take a picture of most of this because they were falling apart and the frosting got messy! 
Stack one blue layer, one white layer, and one red layer on top of each other. Using a knife, cut a large circle through all three layers. 
 Placing the larger white layer on the bottom to start the cake building, frost. (Frosting between each layer will keep them together) Then place the larger red piece next, frost. Then place the white inner circle on top of the larger red layer, inside the ring of blue. Frost, and top with the red inner circle. 

Frost the entire cake and voila, it’s a flag cake!

Not as perfect as I hoped, but who am I kidding! 
That wouldn't be me! 
Have a great Hump Day =P


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