Friday, July 12, 2013


Crystal Light Lip Gloss

What you'll need ;
Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly
Crystal Light
a small container
a mixing tool& mixing container

Fill the cup with Petroleum Jelly. 
Add the Crystal Light. Keep adding and stirring till you have your 
desired color, if any. 
 Stir really good. I just kind of smashed it to the side to get it mixed really good. 
Fill your small container up.. If you put it on right away it will be an exfoliate so wait an hour (I put it in the fridge) and the granules will dissolve then pucker up!

 After taking it out of the fridge, my mom put it on and she said it had a bitter taste to it. I would suggest not using "Crystal Light Energy" LOL Since I only used one packet and I would have to drink the rest of the mixes, I figured I might as well drink something I wanted.. but it was a fail as far the lip gloss is concerned.. There will be a next time,  & I'll make it taste right =)

Happy Friday!

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