Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hunting Zombies!

So the other day I hunted zombies!

I planned this out a few days before but I got off of work late, wasn't sure if we were even going to go. But we finally decided at the last minute that we were going. The event was from 6-10pm. We got there around 7:30 and were done by 9. Yes we lost.

Scenerio :
The residents of Virginia Beach have become infected with a zombie virus and have been hiding out in the woods at Hunt Club Farm. This is just the beginning. 

The mission, if you're brave and daring enough to take it... is to make your way through the world of zombies and bring back a cure for the zombie virus. Your objective is to make it through all 3 safety areas and back to the home base where the zombie war party will take place. That is, if you make it back… there will be a victory celebration with live music and celebratory food and beverages for purchase.

You may have some hard choices, but these are desperate times and difficult choices will have to be made.  Be a hero and leader of your party, search for extra life bracelets, have your chance to actually kill zombies and avenge of the demise of your loved ones.  

When you get there you get two red glow sticks and a color coded Q-card. You have three safety zones to go to before reaching the end and winning. If your tagged by a zombie you have to give them one red glow stick, but you can keep going until our out of red glow sticks.

I made it to the FIRST safety zone... After leaving, I was immediately tagged by another zombie.. Not by one but two!  WHOMP!  After loosing both glow sticks you have to go back to the start and get a different Q-card and two more glow sticks. At least point my friends had left me, and Joe made it past the zombies to the second safety zone! I was all alone. I went back through the line to get my second Q-card and there were was Lindsey and Adrian. LOL 

You have to make it to all three safety zones the first time to be able to get the CURE and hunt the zombies. Needless to say none of us made it through the first time. I would definitely do it again. The only bad part is you have to make it through the first time.. That's hard when the zombies are sprinting after you (which I didn't think they could do so early on) But we had a blast! The only thing I would do different is take more pictures!!!

Of course I'm a terrible blogger and didn't get any pictures except for one.. 

I also have one of my battle wound. 
But here are the picture that the website had taken of the area, and of the zombies!

 Made it to safety zone 1!

 This is where they got me!

This is what people got as the CURE
 All ages welcome!
 Then it got dark!