Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Virginia Weather

I love the summer time, there's only one problem. Here in Virginia you can never predict the weather. One minute it's 105 degrees and the next its "lights out" there's a tornado warning.. It's happened a lot lately or maybe I'm just now paying attention to it being an adult.

This past week it was suppose to rain and thunderstorm the entire week...
Picture compliments of my friend Lindsey lol

Two days later I look at the weather and it looks like this! 

So we set up the pool and let the kids play 

I love my baby in his speedos lol

we also went to Busch Gardens a few times

Anyways the moral of this post, is as a friend of mine of facebook would say,
"if you want a job where you can lie all the time, just be a weather man!"
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