Monday, October 7, 2013

5 for FIVE

it's Monday again & all I have to say is, this week flew by and I'm glad because this Friday Joe is coming back.. He has been gone for too damn long.. We def needed that time apart to grow. I think it's good to do once in a while. maybe not this long.. again.. but


FantasticallyAverage1. GO TANNING- & got burnt in the process =( 2. GO TO MY APPOINTMENT TO SEE IF I GET ACCEPTED FOR MEDICAID WHILE I WAS PREGNANT- She said my case worker will give me a call but most likely I got accepted. THANK YOU GOD! 3. ZUMBA 2X 4. MAKE IT THROUGH MY TWO NIGHTS OF OVERNIGHT SHIFT =(- I actually almost called out my second night, but I pulled through and said fuck that I'm not losing 8 hours because I want my beauty sleep. LOL

5 for FIVE! Yesss 
1. GO TANNING - I need to have this and number 2 or I won't do them. seriously. I love this link up!
3. BUY A GIFT FOR ON OF MY BEST FRIENDS BABY SHOWER SATURDAY -  yay her first baby! and It's a girl! kind of makes me sad about my miscarriage but I can only keep my head up and pray for God to work things out for me!
4. LOOK FOR A PART TIME JOB - b/c 4 days a week ain't cuttin it. I been here for almost two years and my average hours 39.8... that has to tell you something! cuttin my damn hours, where they do that at.
5. ENJOY MY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OFF - I do have plans.. but my plans ALWAYS fall through. Let's just hope Joe comes home Friday and we keep our plans to go to Virginia Beach. Then Saturday go to the Harvest Festival with Josiah and baby shower (but not with Josiah) Joe can enjoy his daddy day... ha

This is my current situation!  I was pushing Josiah on the merry go round
and he wanted to stop so I tried grabbing it and viola.. 
It was painful and I tried to get it fixed but the lady told me 
it could get infected.. no thanks! I'll leave it like this for a while.
I'll get it done this week before Joe gets home lol

 well it was real ..but I'm at work.. talk to you later!

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