Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Budget

So I haven't posted about my monthly budgeting in a while. I did have a rough patch in August (and it was my birthday month) I went a little crazy and couldn't even begin to tell you what I bought or how much I spent.. but I'm back today to share with you my September spending! ;)

Shopping always makes me happy... DUH!

My newest found love is

 24.99 @

This counts as an accessory right?  haha 
Got this for 3.99 shipped! HERE

Last week, I was telling everyone how good I was doing 
on not going to Kohls, JcPennys or Macys.. and my mom just 
had to bring into JcPennys right?!
So this is what I picked up from there.

Got these a.n.a. Boyfriend Jeans + another pair of dark pair also

HEREa.n.a® Destructed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

and these flats
HERESmoking Slippers

For everything I spent around $80.00
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