Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin FUN

Happy Monday! said no one ever

I’m at work right now trying to blog “secretly” . LOL I got a bad review on the site... Someone said I was rude, didn’t smile, and had an attitude with them last week!
Can you believe it?! me???!! 

Yeah you can... me too.. oh well!

Anyways, last week I posted us going to the pumpkin patch and getting pumpkins, well I had the kids decorate them. It was so easy and'll def want to try this with your little ones!you can use already made faces or use tape to make them like I did, which is more time consuming but a tad bit cheaper =)




 Linking up today with Jenn @ Party of One for 5forFIVE

GOALS from last week;  

3. BUY A GIFT FOR ON OF MY BEST FRIENDS BABY SHOWER SATURDAY- i felt in "aww" buying her this cute little girly outfit. & being at her baby shower was amazing! I even won I'm so happy for her! 
FantasticallyAverage4. LOOK FOR A PART TIME JOB- haven't even thought about it, but I will try to do this the week after next.
5. ENJOY MY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OFF- I did because joe finally came home from a long two and a half weeks! but of course like I said I knew my plans would fall through. I didn't go zombie hunting like I wanted!! 


GOALS for this week; 

1. CALL MY DOCTOR – my friend referred a doctor. I think I need some happy pills seriously, we will find out!
2. CALL MY CASE WORKER -  I need to find out if I got approved for Medicaid from when I was pregnant, all this going on with the government  shutdown is kinda freaking me out.  Don’t get me wrong though.. I will be very thankful if I get Approved!
3. CALL WIC TO CHANGE MY APPOINTMENT – it’s not til Nov. but I’m not asking for anymore days off. I’ll change it to a day I know I already have off. – I also heard no more WIC since the government shutdown… I don’t know how true that is. But I will find out when I call!
4. PAY ALL MY BILLS FOR THE MONTH OF OCT - this also meaning my car note. In order for me to get my money right& have money for Josiah’s B-day next month, I’ve got to pay my bills and not spend any money at all, which brings me to number 5…..
5. DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY – this is for the next FEW weeks – all my DIY projects that I don’t already have to stuff for.. It’s not happening.. I hope there are a lot of link-ups to join! haha

So how do you think I’ll do? Wish me a lot of luck! I NEED IT! 


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