Monday, February 17, 2014

5 for Five

Happy Monday Folks!

really..sit down, I was just kidding. I'm at work right now pulling a double (3pm-7am) I'm tired and bored out of my mind. Josiah kept me up all night last night. Well really Joe did..I'll post about that tomorrow!

Valentine's Day really sucked. I bought Joe Katt Williams tickets & a datevitation book.LOL  I mean we went to dinner (which by the way,sucked too)but if you keep u with me on facebook you'll know that mother nature came and so after dinner we went home and went to sleep. 

Yep I made this one. & I wasn't referring to snow either.

I haven't linked up with Jenn for 5 for Five in a while, so here it is
  1. Work out 3x 
  2. Blog interaction at least 3x
  3. Mail out giveaway polish
  4. Call to get Obama-care
  5. Call my lawyer & get things in order from my car accident 
There ya have it. I have to do all these things. 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!!