Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday NEW Link-up HERE!

Eating Healthy! No, not "dieting".. but eating healthy! I have joined a group on facebook (actually more then one) to help me keep on track. This is more for my health more then anything.. but of course, I can't help but to think about myself in my two piece this summer! 

One group that I joined are a bunch of friends, it's called "fit and sexy" you can't get any better then that! We give each other the motivation we need to get up and eat healthy, and stick to it! 

This week I am also doing a "5 Day Eat Better Plan". It's basically five days of no sweets, processed foods, soda, & juice. Which is pretty simple for me, the challenge is more of processed foods & buying all the right foods to feed my house of 5, including two grown ass men and a picky 4 year old! I will post my entire week challenges and all, next week.

These are my before pictures & measurements. (February 23,2014)
BUST- 36
HIPS- 40

I was debating on putting my name up there, but what the hell. If someone wants to steal THAT picture.. smh be my guest! :/  by the way - please excuse the babies mess! 

Since I've been eating healthier the past few days, and working out regularly.. Or maybe it's all the water I'm drinking (not including the wine I had earlier) I feel great! The only thing I really need to work on is sleeping and drinking more water. Other then that I think I'm on the right track for eating and being healthy! 

Today is an unusual day to weigh in for me, working over night shifts usually have my weight all screwed up.

  • Gym Scale (2.25.14 9p.m. before dinner, right after working out) - 153.5
  • Work Scale (2.26.14 3a.m. after snack, before breakfast) - 158
Normally you weigh yourself first thing in the morning, so technically the gym scale would be about right. (hopefully). Keep in touch with me on FACEBOOK to see updates! 

Now let's see yours! 

So here it is ! A new link-up for everyone to share there thoughts, feelings, motivation on fitness, & etc. (you get the point) posts! I will try to post my weight every Wednesday but as you know with me, life is hectic, life is crazy, and it might not be "Weigh In Wednesday" next week it might be "Weigh In Friday"... So that's why I am letting the link-up stay open for 5 days after Wednesday! 

There are no rules I only ask :
  1. Link-up any of your recent fitness/weight loss posts. 
  2. Follow your host, THAT'S ME! & Also our co-host, if there are any for that week! 
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