Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Never will I ever..

So remember in my post yesterday telling you that I was tired out of my mind because Joe kept me up all night. Please let me explain! 

I got off of work Saturday around 3 and just knew I would get everything I needed done, have a dinner date with my babies (Joe & Josiah), and maybe go to movie after Josiah went to sleep.. After I got off Lindsey asked me to go to dinner.. I wanted to go but Joe didn't. I haven't seen her in a while and she offered free food (& I couldn't pass that up)LOL  Love you Lindsey ...While we were deciding on what we were going to do the rest of the night... Joe went to have a drink with his friend and I had dinner with mine. 

During dinner, me & Joe decided on going to Dave & Busters with his friends. When we get done eating and get back to Lindsey's house, Josiah was playing and didn't even want to leave... but Joe insisted that we bring him -_____-

Mind you it is around 8 PM now... he hadn't had a nap all day and was livid when I tried to make him leave. 

After about an hour of begging him to get his shoes and jacket on, we left.

Got there, and everything was going good... UNTIL I got frustrated. I don't know if it was mother nature or that it was 12 AM and I had my four year old out this late that bothered me the most. I always said I wouldn't be "that mother that has there little kid out this late at night". "They should be in bed" All of it bothered me. 

It took an hour just to get a seat. another hour just to get our food ordered, then another hour to get the food! I was beyond frustrated... Joe was getting so mad at me because I was complaining that I wanted to go home. but we didn't drive (which I always said I would never do that again either SMH) 

We left and Josiah fell asleep on the ride home.. It's about 1:30 and we pull up to their house. I go get the car and what does Joe do? Pull Josiah out of their car & he is running around like it's time to wake up. When we say we are leaving, he is crying and wants to stay at their house and play. 

After another 30 minutes of begging him to get his shit back on.. We drive to my mom's house (a.k.a my house) where my mom is still up. For those of you who don't know, Josiah is a spoiled brat when it comes to his grandma (nana) 

Now here we have another problem. If I didn't live with my mom Josiah would have went right to sleep. but no.. He cried for my mom for another hour...


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