Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts

Hey everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while with my personal posts...but I'm back!

After every thing that I've been through the past few months (you can read that here) it has been hard to manage it all plus blogging. I am always find great things to make on pinterest or from my facebook, but time and money are the big issue. Losing even the two weeks of work, my entire budget was at a stand still. Like ...I'm broke. I didn't mean to spend all my savings but it happened.. and FAST. 

I don't want to bore you with my incomplete sentences and my sob story TODAY, so I want to share what we have been doing here at home and STICKING TO A BUDGET! 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!!! Who is excited??

I saw these ideas on Pinterest so I invited a few friends over to try them out!

You'll need paper plates, scissors, construction paper, stick glue, a hole puncher (not necessary), & string.

Cut out the middle of paper plates & cut out a few different size and color hearts for them to glue on. Then punch a hole at the top and pull any kind of string for it to hang. 


You'll need toilet paper rolls (you can even cut them in half like I did), Tape, Construction paper & Paint .. Any color, but if you are using pink and red paper, you'll want to use a different color of then those. 

You just bend the toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart, tape it in place and VIOLA ! They had even more fun getting messy with the paint ..

 was he eating the paint?? LOL 

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