Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photo Dump; What's in your camera roll?

There has been a lot going on this month, boy let me tell you... Here is what's been going on with me in the past two weeks in pictures! 

I made my first home-made cookies, that I never even posted a recipe for!
              Yes I suck for that but they were AWESOME!

I made Josiah's Valentines / You can check them out here  

Found this online, didn't blog about it... but it turned out great! Just put everything in the dish, cook on 375 for an hour and voila! meal for the whole week! 

I made meatball sliders 

Did a Boudoir photo shoot. I may or may not put those online LOL 
I'm leaning towards yessss
these are just camera phone pictures ;)

Lindsey Irene (Birthday girl), me, & Christy! 

I think it was called a dirty trash can... 

Another recipe off the books -__-  / yummy Teriyaki Chicken ... Even a hit with Josiah!!

Received my Cara BOX! (post coming soon!!)

Got Josiahs' Pass! 

Taking showers at the gym .. duh! 

It's been tough & I'm still looking at nursery ideas =(  

me trying to eat healthy

I almost pissed myself when I kept winning giveaways!  yes .. I won THREE in one week! Luck or am I just cool? 

I won this cute little heart pillow from Hearts & Sharts
Heart Pillow Giveaway

I won my choice of Pure Romance with Agape Love Designs
Pure Romance Giveaway And Discount

then I won a vegan purse and wallet of my choice over at

Olivia in Black Susannah's Wallet in Black

But of course every ones luck runs out, and sure enough it did. 
The very next day was Valentine's day I went to Kim's house & my car wouldn't start. After waiting about an hour, just to find out my battery connectors were eroded and loose.  

So what's in your camera roll?? I'd love to see! 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!