Monday, May 25, 2015

Frugal Bachelorette Party Ideas

So I'm planning a Bachelorette party for one of my best friends! She is getting married June 1st. Yes you read that right. I am planning this a week out! I told her I was just gettinga few friends together, it's really a surprise bachelorette party! P**** cakes and all!! hahaha 

I'm on a tight budget but all of these ideas are literally so good and cheap I can totally use them all! I will hopefully be able to get pictures! LOL But we will see how that goes! 

Bachelorette Party Party Favors

Tumblers and party favors

funny bachelorette party candy | Bachelorette Party Recap

Balloons and "Danger; wild women" tape hahaha

DIY Bleach Pen for Tees  Tanks // terrific for family vacation shirts, team shirts, bridesmaids, etc.

Shirts with bleach VIA

DIY Bride Bachelorette Sash

Handmade sleep eye mask PJ party favor Slumber party favor Spa party eye mask Bachelorette party Baby shower favor

Since I know how to sew and I have a HUGE stash of fabric, I can just make these! 

bachelorette party idea haha. Already married but this is friggin great! Check out the website to see more


DIY 1 month temporary tattoo!  Step 1: draw design with a sharpie. Step 2: cover and rub the tattoo with baby powder. Step 3: spray with WATER PROOF hairspray, after a few seconds, wash it off with water. VIOLA! (make sure the hairspray is water proof or the tattoo might not work at all)

Saving me money on temporary tattoos ! We are so doing this!  VIA

Have you planned one before ? 

Let me know what you did! I could always use some more ideas!