Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Wishes

It's Sunday night and I'm at work, so I figured I might as well do my weekly wishes for the week before they don't get posted til Wednesday or even later! 

When I figure out what to call this post I will change it up, maybe even finally get time to host my own link up? (maybe someone will actually link up this time PAH!) Today you get this picture ;)

Last week's wishes; 

1. FINISH BLOG POSTS/ BLOG TWICE THIS WEEK - can you believe it!! 

I even made a post on my Summer Bucket List! I will keep you posted on what I've done!

2. FIND A TALL CABINET/ DRESSER TO HIDE ALL MY FABRIC - I found one! well actually my mom found it and I paid for it. It's not exactly what I wanted and it doesn't really hide my fabric bc it's like an open book shelf but it is out the kitchen. maybe I can make some curtains for it LOL
3. FIND SOME GIVEAWAYS TO ADD TO THE BLOG - I have been looking but haven't found any that will accept that I don't have a million followers and of course I don't want to break the bank so I need them to be free. I'll still be on the look out! 
4. SELL SOME THINGS ONLINE - I did make a post, and the only thing I've sold were my belly button bands. yeah only $13 bucks. That's not even enough for my gas for the week =|

5. LEARN HOW TO USE MY CAMERA!  - Yeah I went to my friends house and she did show me a little bit about the camera. I got home to realize that my SD was missing. I'm pretty upset because I had Easter pictures on there. But I will just have to play with the camera and get better at it. I think as long as I use it, I should be fine LOL

Can you believe that I actually accomplished something this past week?!

Now onto this next week ;

1. STOP STRESSING -  It isn't going to get me anywhere. -All these 3-11 shifts I'm working, It's probably not going to change unless I make a change. -Being so tired that I don't sew anything that night, It's alright! I don't have to sew everyday. I need to stop trying to do too much. 
2. WORK OUT 2 TIMES -  I'm not playing this week. It's GOT to be DONE 
3. WORK ON AT LEAST ONE CRAFT & BLOG ABOUT IT - I am thinking of actually finishing the play dough I have in the fridge HAHAHA Maybe something for Nana since Mother's Day is coming up!!!!

This Hand Print Flower Pot would be cute since Amillie is so little! 

Maybe make some more of this Chocolate Body Scrub OR the Lemon Body Scrub - and stick it in a box of goodies for her?! (hope she isn't reading this right now)

4. SEW OR AT LEAST CUT OUT THE PATTERN TO ANOTHER DRESS FOR MY FRIENDS - I recently made this dress and I'm so love! I can't wait to make it the right way! I hope to get better and sell them. maybe open up my own business!!

5. DO NOT SPEND ANY MORE MONEY - I know I say this all the time, but it's my WILL POWER that keeps stopping me. I HAVE TO stop spending money especially on my credit card. The ONLY things I really need to spend are for mother's day (WHICH IS NEXT WEEK!) and also I'm going to get a Vapor e cig thing! Wish me luck!! 

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