Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Late again but it's that time! I guess you can say I start my weeks on Wednesday because I ALWAYS have Monday and Tuesday's off work and I really do start my work week on a Wednesday. 
Anyways , Happy Hump Day everyone!

Last week's wishes;

1. STOP STRESSING -  I really have not been stressing about anything. I am still learning how to control it. 
2. WORK OUT 2 TIMES -  Well I didn't work out, but you count gardening as an exercise right? I mean I am sore!
3. WORK ON AT LEAST ONE CRAFT & BLOG ABOUT IT - I did not do this, but I plan on having some  summer crafts soon, Josiah is feeling better and it's gotten real nice outside! 
4. SEW OR AT LEAST CUT OUT THE PATTERN TO ANOTHER DRESS FOR MY FRIENDS - I did this and cut out two more for Amillie! PLUS made about 10 bibs, some to donate, some to sell at our yard sale and some to keep! 

5. DO NOT SPEND ANY MORE MONEY - well I couldn't help it. needless to say, I don't have any money til next Friday which is payday =( BUT this time I really didn't do anything except pay my bills! 

This week; 

1. WORK OUT 2X - I keep talking about how I'm wasting my money, well I sure am not going to the gym that I pay $40 a month for! Some days I feel like I don't care to go or how I look and other days I'm like "I can't fit anything and I'm so fat !" I need to get it together. lol
2. GET MY PASS/ GO TO BUSCH GARDENS - this technically could be my workout! That park is a long walk and chasing after Josiah is enough in itself! I really hope that he rides something this year and isn't scared of everything. Although lately he has been doing things he normally wouldn't do. We will see! 
3. FINISH THE GARDEN - I have so many plants, uhh like I really hope they all work out and grow something! LOL
4. MAKE A TUTU FOR MY NIECES 1ST BIRTHDAY - I'm super excited to try this for her and I can't believe she is already one! 
5. "CLOCK IN" TO 31 FOR AT LEAST 30 TO 1 HOUR A DAY - I need to start getting my name out there, I want to be better at meeting new people and having parties. I STILL have yet to have even one party. crazy right?! I know . I am determined to get better and be better! 

What are you goals this week? 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!