Friday, May 15, 2015

Paper Plate ring toss

With summer fast approaching I needed to find a way to get Josiah off the GAME and out of the house! So I figured I would let him make something I found on pinterest a months weeks back. 

You all know how I love to re-use my toilet paper tubes, and saving money. This game is quick fun and most of all....easy. 

What you'll need;
Paper Plates
Paper towel tube
Duck tape

Cut the center from some paper plates to use as your 'rings'. I started the hole for Josiah and then I let him follow the circle around. 

Next you paint the plates. We had finger paint around the house so that worked perfectly.  

Once those dry you'll have your "rings" made. 

Now to make the stand I just cut slits in the bottom of the cardboard tube and flattened the ends, then taped it to the reverse side of a plate so it would stand up.

Then have fun! I told you it was easy and cheap

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