Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Hello friends!!! I Can't believe I'm posting on a Monday!

Well since I worked all weekend and had a yard sale in the mornings, I don't have much to tell you about! 

Last Week's goals

1. WORK OUT 2X - yeah I'm not going to talk about it. =( LOL I PROMISE I WILL THIS WEEK!
2. GET MY PASS/ GO TO BUSCH GARDENS - so let me tell you that the pass they gave us was only for one damn day. what am I going to do with that?! I guess I'll have to get my pass sometime in June or July. 
3. FINISH THE GARDEN - I finally finished! I'm just waiting on my tomatoes to grow more leaves and they will be all set!
4. MAKE A TUTU FOR MY NIECES 1ST BIRTHDAY - It was so cute on her! I'm just glad it was done, my fingers hurt hahaha 

5. "CLOCK IN" TO 31 FOR AT LEAST 30 TO 1 HOUR A DAY - Yes I did, not as long as I'd hoped for but I will try again this week! 

This Week's goals;

1. WORK OUT 2X - there's no excuse I'm off three days -_-
2. CLOCK IN TO 31 AT LEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY - Like I said, I need to get my business up, and even just talking about the bags to my friends..I'm hoping to raise someones eyes brows. Also trying talk to people at the hotel more about the bags! and hand out my mini catalogs!~ 
3. THINK MORE ABOUT STARTING A SEWING BUSINESS - Yes I'm aware that having three jobs is going to be a lot. I don't plan on making a lot of money off sewing in the next few months, I just want to sew. period. Making things for my baby is all fun but I want other people to enjoy my stuff as well. AND I want to make a little more income this summer. Doesn't hurt! I was thinking about the name ... "Sprinkles & Things Boutique" How does that sound?!
4. FIND TIME TO GO TO BUSCH GARDENS - I am hoping that Amillie is better by this week. She has had a little cold and coughing. She is getting better but I want it all gone before letting her outside for a long period of time!
5. CLEAN MY CAR & GET OIL CHANGED - I haven't even checked my oil since I came back from Florida :| Yeah, Let's hope my engine doesn't burn up! ahhhh!!! lol

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!