Friday, October 3, 2014

Home Remedies for Athlete's Foot in Toddlers

Home remedies here!!!

Josiah has sent me searching Google again. This time for home remedies of athlete's foot. It's been about a week since he has been bothered with this non sense. I wanted something to work but I also wanted something that wasn't as strong as regular over the counter creams and gels for adults. Plus home remedies are cheaper and you have most of these items already!

I don't know about yours, but Josiah, likes foot rubs LOL So this was pretty easy to get him to cooperate with me. We have a night time routine. I rub Tea tree oil/lotion into his feet, then put cornstarch on it. 

Home Remedies; 

Tea Tree Oil - rub the oil on feet. I got some of this as a cara box swap and barely use.
Salt Water - warm water and salt. 
Lemon Rinse for Odor - half a cup of lemon juice and 10 cups water. soaking for 15 minutes daily.

Things to do to prevent athlete's foot;

Let the feet air out as often as possible!! 
Change socks if you can at least twice a day. 
Wash your had after touching your feet! OR all the time, really.
Don't share towels with infected person. I actually just change the towel after 2 uses. 
When you bathe your child, make sure you wash your tub out thoroughly to help the spread of it.
Changing your shoes about 3 times a day. 

I know that having a toddler it's going to be difficult to do some of this, but just tell them they have to to stop the itch!!! It's working for Josiah!! 

If it doesn't go away within 2 weeks, I'd consult a doctor. I am not one and I do not claim to be one. This is all researched from Google! Thanks for reading! 

Do you know any home remedies, that have worked? I'd love to hear them!!

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