Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Wishes ; Mani Monday

The Nectar Collective

I'm linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective for the first time for Weekly Wishes!!! I have been basically doing this, but never found another link-up to join since 5forFIVE had 'gone out of business' so to speak lol. So here we go! ^_^

This week's wishes;

1. Start walking. I know it's the perfect weather for it now!!! (around the 70-80's here in Virginia) Another reason is because I CAN'T deal with being fat anymore. I know I'm pregnant, that's no excuse to why I'm gaining excessive weight. (my app reminds me everyday)

I actually want to start going back to the gym. Get this body ready for when I really go back. :P

2. Send out business cards/loyalty cards. Since starting my Thirty-One business I have been wanting business cards, and since I got a really good deal on Vista Print... I've been handing my cards out like crazy!! Hoping that someone will pay attention to them. On the back of them, I have a loyalty program. Basically if you buy 5 things, you get something FREE! Who does't love free.. 

3. Get prepared for my Baby Sprinkle!   Since I'm doing this by myself. Yes I realize I'm crazy, but I have had this planned for about 2 years, I couldn't let anyone one else take over! I actually went to the store(s) yesterday and got most of the things I needed. Just got to get ell the big things, cook the food and then set up!!!

4. Get more blog posts in order. I'm going to stop stressing so much, but I do still want to post daily. Or at least try to..

Mani Monday
I don't like the way she did it, but I went for a simple french tip this week! Maybe I'll have my nail polish rack done and then I'll do some designs for Halloween!! ^_^ 

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