Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

Last week's Wishes;

1. Get my nail polish rack done. 

Nothing fancy but It's done! & this isn't even half of my stash. SMH

2. Get my free week pass and go to the gym! 
3. Get Josiah's Gift guide post out. 
4. Send out business cards/loyalty cards. 
5. Clean out the kids closet. 

 Sorting out her clothes....

emptying the closet...

This week's wishes;


2. ORDER MY ROLLING WEEKENDER! - At whatever cost, I will get my bag so I can have it all packed and ready to go!! 

3. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BABY SHOWER "COOKOUT"  - I have other friends that want to come to this too! IDK what to do or who to invite! It's a little nerve wrecking.

4. GET DIAPER BAG READY - the days are counting down. 

5. GET ALL MY DRAFT POSTS OUT -  This is includes all of the crafts and DIY posts, also the posts about Josiah's Gift Guide. 

6. FIND A COSTUME! - I need a really cheap costume!!! Josiah wants me to be Jesse and Joe to be Buzz light year, but the real costumes are TOO DAMN expensive!!!! I might have to make mine, homemade LOL

7. FIND SOMEONE TO MAKE JOSIAH'S BIRTHDAY CAKE - I want something like this... BUT not pay an arm and a leg! Any suggestions? LOL

8. GET READY FOR MY 31 PARTY!!! - I am actually hosting my OWN 31 at home party!! I'm hoping to bring in at least $200 in sales. It's not until next week the 9th BUT I'm so excited about it. It's called the Wine, Chocolate, & Bag Party!!! 

You can help me reach my goal of $200, by ordering from my Thirty-One event!! It will end on the November the 19th So that gives everyone time to order!

 Keep up with me & Let me know your here!