Monday, April 1, 2013

March Budget

So I started keeping track of what I spend, and hopefully trying to stay within a reasonable budget. My new love for thrifting has become something that I do to help my retail therapy... when I'm stressed, I shop... It's actually a really bad habit. 

Before last month I used to always go crazy shopping... until I found the perfect thrift store. I have been working here in Williamsburg for almost a year & just now going to it. It's my local Goodwill. It's not your average Goodwill. Well not for me anyways. It's right next to very "high end" college campus. William and Mary....

It's color coordinated and very reasonable prices! I'm talking $1.99 for a tank top! doesn't matter the brand!  I haven't been able to actually just go in and look and when I did go my phone was dead so I couldn't get a picture but here are just some of the things I got this past month...

Jacket - $5 Thrifted

Dress - $2 Thrifted

Leggings - $2 on sale @ Charlotte Russe

Boots - $20 on sale @ Charlotte Russe
Watch - $10 Wal-Mart


 Jacket  - $5 Walmart 
Shirt - $1.99 Thrifted
Boots - $23 Gifted Madden Girl


My budget was $50.
So I spent a total of :$60.
As a beginner with a shopping addiction I think I did great! I set my budget really low, in hopes to keep my shopping to a minimal...It kind of worked.. So I think I'll keep a reasonable budget for the next few months.

I'll keep it at $75. for the next few months. 

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Ana said...

Congrats! You got alot of stuff and didn't spend very much money! I think I spent the same amount and way fewer items!