Saturday, April 6, 2013


So the past 2 weeks haven't been the greatest. Everyone has to know by now that my job sucks, and I'm just plain old stressed out...

So like I said I would do, I went back to detox week this past week. (week #1) because the week before was just terrible. I have to admit I had struggles (yes I stole Josiah's bite of pizza!) But I made it through this week!I'm not cheating today because I have cheated here and there throughout the week. I told yall this wouldn't be a walk in the park for me..

I didn't have my meals already cooked for the week. I kind of just went on a daily basis and made my baked chicken and salad, or went to the store and bought a one.Or just didn't eat at all. When I work over night shift I'll have my chicken with me but for some reason I just can't eat.

Another good thing about this revolt journey would be the ladies involved in it! I got an email on Facebook, from another lady who is in the same boat & has a lot going on too. We exchanged information and have been talking about our struggles. We message each other when we have cravings, urges, and it's kind of like an AA meeting through texts. LOL

I haven't weighed myself since last week. But I am going to start now and also taking pictures every week would be great. Of course I would think of this so late, right? So here it is.... I'm weighed in this morning at 151 lbs Now when I started I was at 157lbs

I really am trying to make life changes with this. I am still learning to get in control of my will-power!

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