Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I got 99 problems & a Job is 1

Friday I was expecting *which I shouldn't have done* I was expecting a phone call to get another interview for a job that I applied to earlier that week. I had my hopes really high for the job, planning my escape of this job I'm at now and everything...Just to get my hopes up. I mean when I went for the interview everything was good. I was so nervous that I thought I blew it so I confirmed with her through an email the next day that I was really interested and I hope that shown through even though I was nervous. lol. so anyways...

After the interview she told me she would like to hire asap but she had more interviews and she would give me a call if I made it back for the second interview. I still think it's weird to have two interviews? but uhh whatever lol I'm interested in the job so I was still hoping that I would get that call on Friday.

I had to work 3-11 that day and it was 230, I just knew I wouldn't be getting a phone call so I got applied to another hotel near my house (which is really not what I want to do but I need somethin closer then what I have now.) I was at work when I turned my wi-fi on and saw I had an email waiting from her! 

I was so shocked, my heart sank. While reading it, well let me just show you. 

So please tell me what you think this means?! Does it sound like I'm in there or does it sound like a nice way of saying "Your not hired" LOL I'm in such suspense I just can't take it anymore!
I want to know already!

I've been applying to so many places on Craigslist it isn't even funny. at LEAST 5 every other day. The problem I have, is I have no experience! I mean I do but not in what I really want to do. Which would be receptionist, booking keeping, or accounting. A 9-5 Mon-Fri DAY job! Everyone wants to hire experienced. That was the problem I had with my job now. My manager wanted to promote me to Sales Director but the owner wants someone experienced. 
So needless to say, since he told me about the job I never heard anything else about it. Which is another reason I hate this job. It's a dead end. I don't want to deal with these rude ass guests anymore. Nothing is good enough for them! I might be saying too much lol

Well now you know my situation, if you didn't already. 

KC @ genxfinance said...

Just hold on and don't give up. If you keep trying, you will find the job that';s right for you. And, I think she won't get back to you if she's not interested in hiring you. So, keep your fingers crossed and wait til April 9th.

Unknown said...

I think it shows she is interested Christin. Hang in there you will find the right job for ya. Im sure its hard and miserable right now but you are a bright intelligent young lady and you will get a job that you like, just be patient,have faith and hang in there :)