Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ispy & Birchbox

So it's that time of the month where I start getting my subscriptions in the mail! 
yay for blogging ;)

Ipsy ;

Last months was upsetting but I couldn't believe that I actually liked everything in this box! Just take a look

THE BAG ; a really cute white bag... & I actually wanted to send this to a friend for our spring swap but I think I lost it at work LOL .. sorry Carrie! maybe next time???

SATION NAIL LACQUER ; I've been wanting to try this brand since I started doing my nails, and I loved it!

Be a bombshell ; this is blush, and I was very excited for it, until I opened it ....
The Mica beauty Products ; was a great shimmer powder that I used to just shimmer myself up during these past few days of lovely weather!

SEXY HAIR ; I've only used this twice since I've had it but I can feel the difference after putting it in my hair. It makes it soft.

Birchbox ;

I already knew my box was going to be good! Here ya have it

I've never had macaroons before! And boy was it delicious!

Beauty Protector Detangle was good.. I usually don't use leave in conditioner because it will always make my hair greasy after it dries, and indeed it did.. but it smelled great and it did the job. 

Caudalie Oil ; It smelt great, I wear it whenever I remember. It's got a soft smell to it..I don't think anyone really noticed I had it on, but I did.

Mirenesse Lipstick / Blush ; I used it as both & I normally don't wear lipstick but this has the perfect touch to a dinner date or anything like that ! I liked it a lot.

Supergoop! eye cream ; I put this on with my contacts in and it burned like hell... dummy. I mean I usually don't use these kind of eye products either but I tried it for a few days but of course the day I'm out in the sun all day I didn't put it on and I got burnt but I will remember for next time! The reason I don't use (or should I say spend my money on these type of products) is because I'm very forgetful when it comes to routine when I'm getting dressed. Hense the sunburn

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Carrie @ CarriedAway88 said...

haha! It's okay about the bag! I really want to sign up for birchbox and I think after reading this that I am going to do it!

Unknown said...

It was my first ipsy bag this month! I was so excited!