Sunday, April 14, 2013


 This past week was another detox week. It was the start to our last 6 weeks.. Let me tell you something. I am sick of salad and chicken at this point.

Since I'm still on my detox week and so I wanted to make the pancakes how I saw floating online for the past few weeks...

Soooooo the other day I tried making these pancakes ! And let me just tell you that my experience was just awful....

two bananas & four eggs

I mashed everything together

Add to skillet

& flip

And there are the pancakes!

it was so BITTER and disgusting, I almost threw up in mouth just now thinking about it... When I searched around the internet I wasn't really told not to use "non-ripe" bananas.. And even watching videos of people making the pancakes, they used regular bananas.
I won't totally write the pancakes off....I'll just have to wait until my bananas are ripe and try it again LOL..

Surprisingly I'm still at the same weight, even after my 2 weeks of detox but I have been cheating..  I'm seriously slacking here, I kind of feel like a bad candidate for this whole experience, but then when you think about it... that is what I'm here form, to write down the struggle.. and this is my struggle!

Well check-up on me next week for another update =)

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Carrie @ CarriedAway88 said...

I am sorry that the pancakes didn't come out like you hoped. I hate disappointments like that. I hope they are better next time!